Embolization Update

I had embolization surgery on the 10th which occluded most of the fistula. I have silence for the first time in a year, which is wonderful! The bruit in my ear was deafening and maddening, although that seemed to be the least of my problems. The neurosurgeon said the arterial feeder to my fistula was worse than initially expected and had formed a fusiform aneurysm that probably would have ruptured. He obliterated that and the middle meningeal artery branch that fed the fistula. He will reevaluate in 6 months if another embolization is required to completely obliterate the remaining venous feed of the fistula, which he said is very tiny and benign. I'm incredibly grateful to the Vanderbilt team and am back at home resting. So far the only side effect I've had is a little blurry vision in my right eye that comes and goes. Very pleased and very grateful for this outcome