Embolization tomorrow 5/11

So tomorrow is my day for my embolization of my AVM. I’m scared to death I have been in tears all day. The nurse called and said they will do a test before the procedure I think it’s a WADA test and I’m so nervous. They told me if I fail it they will not do the embolization. Has anyone failed this test and if so what other treatments did they use. I’m so afraid .

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Nothing but prayers from me lady

I been there - I get it. . . But, so far you have been quite lucky - I was paralyzed. . . I hope your recovery & procedure goes as well as mine

By this time before my 1st angiogram - I let it all go. . . It is what it is

You’re in my prayers!

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May I ask why you were paralyzed? Did your avm rupture .

Yes, I had a fairly severe rupture. According to my neuros, it was one of a handful throughout my lifetime.

This one was the big one - I completely seized for about 2-3 days with very partial movement prior to my embolization + a severe mind numbing headache

And, my dAVF is mostly inoperable - so, it was all in - or?! Yeah

If they weren’t able to embolize, I would come out with severe impairments due to the size & location - according to my neurosurgeon

Oh wow !!! Mine has not ruptured thank god and they did tell me if I don’t pass this test they won’t do the embolization. So I hope all goes well I’m just so exhausted from all this.
I have been going through this since November. But sounds like you are doing better and I’m happy for you.

I will be thinking of you tomorrow, and look forward to your post op update. Try to get some rest, neuros really know what they are doing, they are amazing! Take Care, John.

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Best wishes for tomorrow! Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:

We talked about all of this on here a bit before - I just hope for you to do well :wink:

This stuff doesn’t ever let up on being so frightening

Yes yyyI remember and today is the day wasq

Yes I remember. Going in soon

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With u all the way! :pray:

Hi Chloe,

You’re probably in your procedure right now. I recently did an angio and fmri. I got the results and doctor stated he would recommend doing 2-3 embos and then surgery. He mentioned the embos are high risk as strokes and other issues can arise. He couldnt tell me exactly the percentage of something like that happening as there are a lot of variables.

I have a left temporal lobe avm which is near my motor skills and speech. Ive very concerned about an embolization going wrong. Ive been trying to get more information on the odds of it going south.

I hope yours is a total success today. Please share your results. Wishing you the best!

Hello I’m in icu right now . The embolization went well he got 98 percent of the AVM . He wants to do another angiogram in 6 weeks or so and a possible embolization again for the 2 percent left.

But only if he feels it’s safe . If not then possible radiation. I did well very nauseous after yams s bad headache. But the headache is gone and so is the nauseous. It’s 2 am and they just woke me up again and so far so good. I hope yours goes well also .
It was a lot but I’m so happy it’s over and I made it ok.


Well done you! Sorry I missed you before you went in!

Take your time when you come out. It takes quite a hit at you, so take everything real carefully.

Very best wishes,



Thank you I’m home now . 1 night in icu was enough for me . So far so good just feel out of it .
I need a good nights rest . Thank you for all the well wishes.


I hope your embolization went well
my neurologist use the WATA test and on my 4th embolization without that test I would had a major stroke. I am so grateful that my neurologist used the WATA test, not all neurologist use it. Stay strong!

Great to hear Chloe! John

Hello yes he did that test and I passed. I had the embolization done and I’m home recovering. Honestly I feel like myself except for my groin area
Where he went in . He got 98 percent of the avm so I will need to go back in maybe 6 weeks for an angiogram and possibly another embolization if the rest doesn’t disappear on its own . I’m glad you are doing well and I can’t wait to be avm free this has been a long journey.


Those are the same exact chances they gave me - came back 100% obliterated on the 1st try

I hope you have the same luck I’ve had, or even better

Everyone told me, most of my recovery was from the hemorrhage & not the embolization

Glad to hear your doing well

And, yes - my crotch was black and blue from a little bellow my belly button down to an inch or so above my knees. < in my opinion, a small price to pay for brain surgery

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Wow that’s great. Yeah I’m not bruised yet but I’m sure I will be . I’m just very tired have not been able to sleep a lot . I have a lot of anxiety right now . This was a lot as I’m sure you know . Just trying to calm my mind .
Thank you so much for all the thoughts and messages they helped so much .