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Embolization then Craniotomy

3 weeks ago today I had a 6hr embolization procedure for 3 anuerysms and also had onyx glue put in my AVM, all in prep for my Crainiotomy which was done on Sept. 15th.Today is the first day I have had enough energy to look on my computer. I am still in somewhat of disbelief...not about God,s miracles but just that it happened so fast. Once I decided to treat I was scheduled for surgery 3 days later. I am glad I chose this route and so glad God has spared my life once again.

Please tell me where your AVM was located?

Where was your AVM located?

Hello Aunteet
My avm was located in my right frontal lobe

Can you tell me what to expect from this procedure i have to have the same. Unruptured avm in my left frontal lobe