Embolization scheduled Thursday, my son started running fever last night

Hi everyone I have questions. My son is 14 and has an avm on his cerebellum. He is scheduled to see the neuroradiologist and the neurosurgeon on Wednesday. His procedure is set for Thursday. Last night around 8 he came down with a fever. I have been giving him Ibprofren unaware that we were not supposed to give this type of medication to someone with an avm. I am wondering what to do now. He doesnt have any of the other symptoms of a bleed, but I am scared that I have done him more harm now that I have given him the medication. Can he take acetametaphine or what can I give him to break this fever? It has been running at 102.2-102.4 all night. Thanks in advance for all of the help.

It isn’t likely that you have harmed him by giving him Ibuprofen, though I would definitely switch to Tylenol. I know that our neurosurgeon wanted us to call him if my daughter ever ran a fever over 100.5. Have you called your neurosurgeon to mention it to them? They should be able to give the best advice as to what is most advisable for your son. Sending prayers your way. Waiting on treatment is stressful enough without illness entering the picture.

Thank you so much for your response. I think I just had a little panic attack lol. I spoke to the doctor this morning and they tested Taylor for Strep throat and for the flu and he was negative for both. I spoke to the neuroradiologist’s office and they told us that as long as the fever is broken we will move forward with the procedure on Thursday. Thank God. We have known about Taylor’s avm since early 2009, but we kept getting told that he would be fine and he could live a normal life with it. Finally, I found a doctor that ordered the ct angiogram and once they saw that there was arterial flow into it they got the move on. It makes me a nervous wreck that he has already played football for years and everything else with this. I don’t want to have to put things off anymore unless it is absolutely necessary. Thank you for your soothing words about the Ibprofren I talked to them about that as well and she said he would be fine, however I have since changed to Tylenol. Now I just have to settle my nerves again and prepare for Thursday. Thank you so much for the prayers they are more appreciated than I could ever express.

No problem! That is what we are here for! I think “panic attacks” are a normal part of being a parent of a child with an AVM! Keep us posted as to how things go on Thursday!

So glad that ‘things’ are getting better (the fever). My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Thank you so much for all the kind words and prayers. Hope you all have a great night. We will keep you updated.