Embolization Number 5 complete

I had my 5th Embolization on the 11th of June 2010, I was told post procedure that they managed to ONYX a little bit and the post operative notes say Residual AVM remaining after 6 hour procedure. I have no clarification on how much is left. Speaking to my consultant Neurosurgeon March 2010 he advised me that this would hopefully be the last embolization and that what is left is the difficult stuff which they are finding tricky.

Speaking to the radiologist the night before the procedure, he advised me that during embolization number 4 in February 2010 they spent a few hours trying to get into a certain part of the AVM, using about a 1metre of wire, and they couldn't get in. So they decided to give me a 4 month break between embolizzations to see if new channels opened up within the AVM, to allow them a way through.

I Feel alot worse this time post procedure, especially with the headaches i feel like i have a stiff neck must be all the wires they sent through all my vessels.

I have come to a stage where I cannot do quick recoveries, after the last few i was back into my routine within a few weeks, but i know this time it will take longer, as I am feeling a lot worse off. I always go into the Embolization thinking this will be the last one, as that is what my Neuro Surgeon tells me. I have now decided to speak direct with my Radiologist as he can atleast tell me whats happening and whether or not another Embolization will take place.

I sincerly hope the AVM has left your body never to return again. I was treated with the gamma knife 3 years ago and the AVM did shrink approxitamety 1 cm, the AVM is now 2 1/2cm. Since I moved and have to find new doctors this neru surgen is talking about ONYX. I am clueless and a little bit neverious going into this. Any information would be helpful.
Please let me know how you are doing!!!


Hi Dipen,

Sorry you aren’t up to par after the embolization. Hope they can get rid of your AVM altogether.

Take care,


Dipen: I had no idea but always keep you in prayer…going for my angiogram and so afraid…what if they cannot do anything? xoxo Mare

Thanks Mare & Debbiel i hope the AVM goes soon, but I remain optimistic everyday.
Mare let me know how your angiogram goes. I will pray for us all

And I will pray for all of us, too.

Take care,


My thoughts and prayers are with you. I am scheduled for my fifth embo next week and will be having a sixth to follow. It is great you are staying optimistic I believe that helps. You take good care of yourself.