Embolization - Nov. 12th. Re-re-rescheduled!

Yes, the title is right.

My embolization surgery has been rescheduled 4 times.
!0/22 - 29 - 11/2 - 9 - and finally(I REALLY hope) Nov. 12th(Thursday)
This was absolutely my fault, because I got chickened out of the procedure.
UCSD called me for cancellation because one of doctors is not available on my surgery day.
UCSD called me for cancellation 15 minutes before I leave from my home due to high volume of ICU patients from weekend, so NO ICU beds are available for me.
I went to hospital @9:30 and changed on gown and got an IV needle on my right arm, waited 3 hours.
Finally, my doctor showed up and told me that he had to perform an emergency surgery for elder lady’s brain.

He didn’t want me to wait any longer, since he still has to go back to the OR for more care for that emergency lady.

Plus, my case is Very difficult, due to the location of my AVM (pons~brain stem)

There is a “nerve guy”(I forgot his position)who will monitor my optic nerves and muscles during the surgery.

Sounds like a great team, now I am just waiting for your answer, Lord!

Wow! Sorry you have been waiting so long for this. Hope everything goes on schedule on Thursday. As always, I will be thinking of you.

Take care,


Sounds like quite the adventure.

Mariko yours is a story within a story within a story …
I pray that Thursday brings with it the best possible results and that you have the smoothest possible sailings through these coming days of healing .