Embolization No.4, Early this Friday mornin

I have my fouth Embolizstion this Friday 5th of Feb 2010,

I met my surgeon 2 weeks ago, who showed me Angios and scans of my AVM, which use to be the size of a Tennis ball, but now small as a Golf ball and located behind my right ear,

So they have done a good, job embolizing and making it smaller, I asked whether it was small enough to use Gamma Knife on or would they do surgery now. He said they were going to fully Embolize it and that would be that. As reopening my head was not an option after suffering a big brain haemorhhage in July 2009 and a Craniotomy being performed to clear up the blood and pressure in my head.

I questioned the fact that Onyx glue had only been around for 10-15 years would it last forever. He was quite optimistic and insisted 10-15 years was a long time, so I took his word for this and hope that it can fully be embolized, he did say this may not be my last Embolization as what is left is hard to reach and could take a few procedures.

For this 1st time this week past week I have been getting many headaches and sleepless nights, I think this is more to do with the people around me rather than the procedure itself.

I am quite positive and hoping that this may be the last Embolization,

Dipen: God is good…I have Onyx glue too and we cnnot worry about how long it willlast…we need it now! My prayers and positive thoughts will be with you. Altough I am Catholic I will go to mass Friday for you; I also practice yoga and recite the Gayetri (sp?) mantra each day as it is beautiful and universay…sending much positive energy peace, and love; let me know how it goes…the unknown and waiting is the hardest… Namaste, Mare

Good luck!

Hey Dipen!
I have been suffering from ataxia since my embolization, but I am doing fine.
Good Luck with your embo#5, and please let us know how it goes.

I meant #4 sorry

Hello Dipen ,
I hope the embolization went seemlessly , that you have the best result(s) possible and that the people around you cease to cause you headaches and sleepless nights . You need sleep and peace for healing .
Be good to you . Take care of you .

Hi Dipen,

Stay positive !!!