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Embolization Material Moving Around


Hi friends. I went to the ER after the lump on my forehead re-appeared where my brain fistula was. In September of 2014, I had a brain embolization and the lump on my forehead (which was linked to the brain fistula in my right frontal lobe) completely disappeared. In March of the year, I noticed the lump on my forehead had re-appeared. A CT scan showed that the embolization material has moved into the “anterior frontal calvarial diploic space as well as portions of the right frontal and ethmoidal sinuses.” Has anyone ever had anything similar happen? My appointment with my neurosurgeon isn’t until May 10, 2018. Thanks in advance for any comments. Del


Yes I have heard of this @Mountain_girl on here had this happen and I believe she is allergic to the medical glue. I could hear my medical glue kinda popping I have a DAVF near my ear and for about 2 weeks I heard popping at night but then it stopped and Dr Marks at Stanford told me that it was the glue moving.


Interesting… I’ve got noises in my right ear… :frowning:


@DickD Any recent trauma or flights or anything like that?


Nothing I could point to. I’d describe the sound as crackling.


Like RIce Crispy Cereal? That is how mine sounded- I think mine stopped after a few months


Yes. Just on the one side. But then, remember, I’ve got regular tinnitus in both ears and pulsatile tinnitus (pretty quiet these days) in both ears so making out Rice Krispies is not easy! :wink: