Embolization is the way my dr wants to go to handle my avm

Dr finally got back to us today, he wants to meet with me next Wednesday and mentioned that they decided that Embolization is the way he wants to go. I really hope I don’t have to do the radiation therapy along with it. I really don’t want the radiation. Has anyone just had Embolization? Just wondering if it worked or not. Has anyone had the radiation and if so what did u think about it. Ia. Super nervous
Thank u in advance.

Hi christine , I had embolization after my second hemorage , It partly solved the issue but was not the total cure.. I have talked to many doctors and interventional neuroradiologists .. In some cases it works pretty well , Usually one is not enough , they may have to intervene multiple times , keep that in mind and make sure you have a good follow up schedule , every case is different and definately need 2nd 3rd opinions.

I will have another craniotomy next week , this is our latest decision , we have tried to go through emblization again , but they have confirmed surgery is the only option in my case ..

Christine have your doctors told you that embolization will be done in addition to a craniotomy? Usually embos are done to seal off the main feeders to make craniotomies safer. They are not usually a permanent fix. I had 3 embos following my bleed before the craniotomy. I'm certainly not a doctor but you may want to ask about it. Good luck!

Thank u so much for your reply. I will find out more about it when we meet on Wednesday. He said he will discuss everything. Thank u again. And best of luck to u as well . Will keep you updated.

Hi Trish, the des had not said anything yet, I have to meet him on Wednesday and he will discuss everything. I will def ask about it, thank u so much for your reply. Hope ur doing well . Will keep u updated

one more critical point to remember is , If total cure is the goal of the embo , there is one way to achieve it and its the complete filling of the nidus itself. When they try to seal feeders , there are usually ones left untouched because they are so small or arteriogenesis issues appears ( nidus creates new ones ) so make sure to ask your doc about it , In complex avms center of the nidus can be hard to reach and embo works only for making other options easier.

Embo is a great way of handling these , and I hope your case suits the treatment completely and will find your cure without needing further interventions.

Hi, Christine,

I had 2 embolizations. First one was a breeze, just no big deal at all, but the second one was a different story (although this was 20 years ago and the techniques and tools were way way different). Usually embolization is used in conjunction with another type of treatment because embolization alone rarely cures an AVM. It can shut off some of the blood flow through the nidus of the AVM, though, which is a good thing.

Banu is correct, if embolization is the only treatment and they want to totally cure this thing with it, they will have to completely fill in the nidus with whatever material they are using. Most AVMs have too many vessels and are too complex to do that, but every AVM is different.

I would recommend talking to your doctor and asking him if he's planning on just embolization or adding something with it like gamma or craniotomy and asking him why he's chosen the treatment.