Embolization and first period


Hello, I have done my embolization 3 weeks ago. Two days ago I have my first period. I know this is period because my gynae have done ultrasound two weeks ago and she said my period should be due in two weeks time.
Can I know how is the flow like after embolization? How do you feel during period? I am feeling quite tired now. I am feeling stressful to see blood after so much bleeding drama before the embolization was done.


@PelvicAndUterine ladies? Help, please.



Yes I totally know the feeling of seeing blood again so soon after you had your embolisation. It feels like it’s never going to stop but your body does get back into its normal cycle and that feeling does go away.

My periods were always quite heavy after my embolisation but that is because I also had adenomyosis so I went back on the pill to help manage that.

To top it off I got diagnosed with a fibroid earlier this year which didn’t help the already heavy and painful periods! Such a dodgy uterus!!

We feel very grateful to our our beautiful daughter (she’s now 4) so after years of heartache trying to have another baby and the trauma of having a miscarriage at 15 weeks as a result of my AVM I made the decision to have a hysterectomy. I had the procedure 2 weeks ago and an in recovery now.

But I’m sure you won’t have the bad luck I’ve had! Try not to stress over your period as it will go back to normal.