Embolization # 2 rescheduled for November 3, 2010

I showed up at the hospital this morning and found out that my procedure was rescheduled for November 3rd because there was no anesthesia team available today. My doctor is great but I do have a hard time with the office staff.

When I got home from the hospital (1hr later) my doctor called me personally to apologize and let me know that this misunderstanding would not happen again and that it was unacceptable. He also gave me his cell phone number to contact him personally if I have any problems or questions.

I will be 29 on 10/30, halloween is 10/31 and my youngest son will be 3 on 11/1 so now I will be strong and ready to enjoy those days with them.

thanks to everyone for their prayers and well wishes. I will keep you all posted. I h