Embolisation Stage 2

I had my second Embolisation on 27th January and all went well - I was back at home the next day. The AVM has been reduced by a further 25% so its now around 3cm and the pressure brought down substantially.

My consultant wants to perform another at least on March 19th to give the team in Sheffield as small an area as to work on with Gamma Knife. He did hint that it might be possible to obliterate the entire AVM with Onyx but I’m not sure if thats possible?!

As I mentioned on a discussion post, I do still have pains in my head (not too bad) following the 2nd Embolisation which I didn’t at this stage after the first. I’m hoping that it clears. To be honest, I’m probably overdoing it by going to work although they are happy for me to take it at my own pace.

I also had an eye test today to look at the Papilledema and my visual fields is just as sharp as last May, which is good news. The Dr commented that the swelling doen’t seem too bad but will bring me back for another test in June to see if there has been any further improvement.

Here’s to the 19th.

Hi Chris glad your 2nd embolization went well, I had my 4th one on the 5th of Feb and came home the next day, Regarding your head pain, I experienced this after my 2nd embo and am feeling it quite badly at the moment, but i think it will eventually subside, I had a scan done after to make sure all was clear, and its just the blood flow and pressure alternating causing my pain.

Regarding them obliterating the whole AVM, with Onyx, I have been told that they would rather do this to my AVM, than blast it with GK or open brain surgery as the risks are far greater with GK and Open brain surgery.

I am scheduled to go back around May for maybe a final Embo

Take care and i hope the head pains fade

Thanks for your comment Dipen, thats helpful that you mention that the pain is likely nothing to worry about although I’m sorry you are feeling it quite badly at the moment. Great that you are coming to the end. You seem to be doing very well considering it was only on the 5th that you had your Embo.

I’m all for just going down the Onyx route as I agree, there are higher risks with GK and Open surgery.

My best wishes for what is hopefully your final Embo. Do let me know how it all goes.

Take care.