Embolisation recommendation

Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I posted an update. Unfortunately they found residue AVM in my cheek in the post-surgery scan. Now it's flaring up and needs to be embolised. Has anyone had embolisation done at UAMS in Little Rock or by Dr Ken Thomson in Melbourne Australia? Would appreciate if you could share your experience with me or recommend any radiologist that's experienced in embolisation of facial AVMs especially with alcohol? Keep perservering!

Hello ! Sorry you are having issues with your Avm! We fly from Pennsylvania to Little rock for my 5 yr old! We go out there every 3 months! We see Dr. richter at children’s and are very happy with him! We works along with the guys like Dr. Suen and the others there! We get bleomycin injections plus mutilple lasers there! No experience with embolizations cause it wasn’t an option for us. All I know is that they are wonderful and do things others centers don’t do! Good luck with everything and keep us posted!

I am a patient of Dr. Suen as well. He has started to use injections to eliminate AVM vs initially as a temporary blockage until surgery. We have been through several kinds of injection methods over the years (alcohol, onyx, etc.) each had pros and cons. Alcohol actually had negative side effects with burns on the skin for me. The latest material is the bleomycin. It has not eradicated all the AVM in my lip and cheek but no growth or negative side effects so far. Dr. Suen and his team are the best though. His care, patience, bedside manners, attentiveness, and expertise is unmatched in my opinion. If you need a radiologist, He can work with those on his team at UAMS if that's what is recommended. Best wishes. Peace and blessings!

Thanks Amy :slight_smile: That’s good to hear! All the best for your little boy too!

Hi Janey, so sorry to hear that they didn’t manage to get it all in the first instance. If its an option, I would really recommend you contact Dr Yates instead. Take care.

Hi, Janey, I am taking my son back to UAMS in early November for another procedure. We are flying all the way from the Netherlands to do this. You can rely on his experience.