Embolisation on the 9th Jan and I'm petrified

Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone could tell me how their first embolisation went!!
I’m due to have mine on Wednesday under general anaesthetic and I’m panicking.
What will I wake up too, my AVM is in my right elbow and forearm,recently I had a small bleed so my op has been brought forwards I’m scared things could get worse and I ask myself should I just leave it alone???

Please if someone could share their experiences I’d be very grateful.

Claire, I had one embolization 3 weeks ago for a fistula in my head, I understand your panick completely.I was feeling exactly the same.I was ver worry to have them working in my head, yours looks more simple.
Everything went well.The procedure is not big deal because you are under anesteshia so you wont feel anything at all.For me all the waiting (i had to stay one night in hospital) was the worst part.
after you probably will feel tired for some days but then goes away.The fear makes is it bigger in our fantasies.You will be OK dear.Good luck

Thank you for your reply, I think the reason I’m panicking is because the specialist has said the AVM is complex and had at least four feeding vessels one of which is small and wiggly.
My health has deteriorated I’m more tired, drained and get palpitations which scares me.
The blood flow in the AVM I believe is high flow and the mass is from my elbow into my bone and muscle then leads to my forearm.

I’ve been warned I could get compartment syndrome due to the size of the AVM hence I’m worried about waking up after the op to what I might wake too.

Though as you say compared to yourself and other members mines in a location which is not so life threatening.

Thank you again hope your recovering well. Happy new year :slight_smile:

Hi I’ve spoken to the doc and its an AVM, high flow. I’ve to go back in six weeks which I’m paranoid my heart won’t take it.

Can you see a cardiologist before the next surgery?

I’m not sure, can I just ask to see one

I don't know how UK medicine works, but you should ask.

Hi Claire. I had my first embolisation on a brain avm. I was scared before it too but so relieved after because it was over and they managed to get alot of the avm. I felt tired,nauseous due to anaesthetic and my head hurt, but in all it went well. Didn't feel anything because of the anaesthetic and woke up good. To be honest, I've found angios worse because I was awake for them!wishing you the best for your surgery, you'll be ok:)