Finally I have a date for my embollisation, I know that sounds strange but I have been waiting for ages for this I go into hospital on the 6th of October, i think i’ll be in for a week ish, I was meant to have it on the 22nd of September but the hospital never told me!!! anyway, if anyone knows how it happens or what you feel like afterwards please let me know, its the first one so I dont really know what to expect to be honest, Im sure it will be fine. But Im still quite worried…

Erm I dont really know I spoke with my consultant last month and he explained the procedure, but all I know is that they are going to use some kind of glue to block off the blood vessels feeding into the AVM, there are several of them so i’ll need to have that many embolizations and then the gamma-knife surgery but i’m not really sure about anything else, thanks for checking

Hey Omzie
I had the glue embo in the Southern General last Oct, it was Dr Bhattachari that did mine, think you’ve met him lovely voice you’d agree to anything for him. They di it under general anisthetic at the SG. If you want to meet up before hand Glasgow’s only a bus ride away or i’ll email you my mobile ok.