Embo done, craniotomy here we come

After one cancellation and a few lies from our neurosurgeon to the radiologist(so that he would do the embo now and not make us wait longer than we already have) Jacob finally had an angiogram and embolization on 1/7/09. The results at first glance seem positive and a part that was thought to be AVM may only be malformed but not true AVM as it has no nidus and takes blood away from the brain.
We are booked for a craniotomy on 10/7/09 where Jacob’s temporal lobe will be removed, we have been told that it will be a long slow recovery and know that all our prayers will keep us strong.
I am so pleased our neurosurgeon is on our side and fights for what is right for Jacob.

Here is to everything working out well. I will give as much strength as I can to you guys. And thanks for commenting on my blog. I appreciate the interactions.

Good luck and tons of prayers for all of you, especially Jacob. What a worry this is. One day at a time Clare. We will all be thinking of you.

I will be alright!!!Can´t wait to hear Jacob is avm free. I will be praying for him.