Effectiveness of embolization

Hello friends ive read comments on people having multiple embolizations and i wanted to know if an embolization lasts a lifetime or can fail? I wonder because my AVM was treated after rupture while i was in a coma and would hate to suffer another one, please let me know. Thanks

It's a complex question, Matt, and I can't give any definitive answers. Certain types of avms almost always need repeat embolizations: dural avms and non-brain avms, for instance. If a brain avm is resected (surgically removed) after embolization, it may or may not recur in a young person. Smaller brain avms have more success with a single embolization than larger ones. Onyx hasn't been in use long enough for there to be enough evidence of permanence -- it may or may not be permanent. Your neuro is the person who is best able to answer your concerns about your own embolization. Followup monitoring is desirable.

Thanks! Im gonna ask him