Effect after operations


i feel really blessed that i can i talk to others, give encouragements,advice if i can as an AVM survivor to others. but now, may i just ask something to other survivors here. i had a Craniotomy last 2013 and been normal after a couple of months of recovery. but since then i had hard times focusing on details i.e. numbers,figures that somehow affects my job. i'm just wondering if this is an effect of the operation i went through? if others also have the same experience here? and is there any tip to somehow get over this?

Thanks and God bless

Hi Victorious and I can't answer whether or not you are having certain challenges now are due to your operation. It's really about where your AVM was located and whether or not that area of your brain was affected. Did you have a complete resection or is some of the AVM still remaining? Perhaps you could talk to your doctor or email him and let him know about some concerns you have since your craniotomy. I am an extremity Survivor myself (AVM was in my tongue), but perhaps others will answer your post. Btw, please join our Asia group on here as well, as we have quite a few others from the Philippines. Below is the link for you.



I am not for sure what all you went through. I had an AVM bust and cause a brain hemorrhage which resulted in some focus and memory problems. I struggle with remembering what words to say and I really struggle with remembering peoples names. As far as it goes with me, sometimes it gets better but sometimes it doesn't. Mine happened in 2014 so I have less time to recover. Hope things get better.

hi Debra,

Thanks! requested permission to join the group. :slight_smile:
i believe AM has been totally removed and it used to be on the back part of my brain.

Thansk again and best regards.

Hi pvictorious, like yourself I had my AVM removed in 2011 and suffer from the same issues from time to time…simple things I was really good at sometimes take me longer to figure out and I really need to concentrate more than usual…I don’t think there’s much I can do so just accept the fact I’m alive and it’s a small price to pay… God bless!