Eeg update!

As some of you guys may be aware i had an incident while recently on holidays with my wife. It resulted in me having to go to the ER in fear that i may have suffered a bleed again.

Thankfully it was all clear on the CT but my Neuro wanted an EEG done as i had never had it done before.

Got it done today and from what i was told everything seemed to look OK but we are waiting on the official report by the end of the week.

I will admit i was very anxious about this test as i have never done one before and didnt know what to expect.

The flashing disco light was the worst part of it and i dont think average joe likes that much flashing in their face....

Wish me luck hope its all ok.

God bless

Hi Adrian. Did you have the EEG done at Macquarie? My only experience was with Macquarie, and I know they are a very professional unit out there, and they would ensure you are kept posted. Keep you chin up, and stay positive young man.
Positive thoughts go out to you and your loved ones.

It was done at a Clinic near St George Hospital at Kogarah. Thanks for the best wishes! God bless

God bless you to @Ninibeth and thanks

Good Luck, Adrian