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Eeg questions!

I have recently been advised that the EEG’s I have done in a clinic for the general 20-40 minutes in the past is not 100% accurate at times and have had them come back with no activity… a recent consultation with a neurologist has recommended i have an EEG done over a 5 day period to monitor activity… my question is has anyone gone through this and had a reading come back that there is an issue after not having any previous activity show in 2-3 EEG’s in a clinic? … God bless!

I had to do an EEG for a week and they tried various ways to see what my triggers were …lack of sleep…dehydration ect.

Did you do a clinical EEG that runs for about 40mins prior that came back fine but then after the 1 week they picked up activity the 40min EEG didn’t? … God bless!

yes; I had a small seizure and I went to the ER and they did the EEG and everything came back fine they just called it a complex migraine but then I had another seizure so then they hooked me up to the EEG for multiple days.
After that they basically diagnosed me with partial simple seizures when my brain gets dehydrated or overheated.

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I have went through the same thing. Must be common place. I was made miserable for 5 days and showed nothing. I was so happy when I got out of there.


I’ve had it done before where they had me with an advanced EEG scan called a stereo EEG. How this works is the surgeon drilled threw my skull to place the wires on the brain. It’s not like your regular EEG. They then reduced my pills so I would have a seizure to figure out where to have my surgeries.

nothing like they doing everything they can to induce a seizure…pretty sure I could have told them my triggers before we got to that point… :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response Mike… God bless!

Could be Melissa as I have heard they are not always accurate, however the fact I can’t shower etc for 5 days is a little painful but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do… God bless!

I’m going to share my daughter’s experience. She needed to have an overnight EEG, and she was admitted for 5 days the first time. It’s a bit boring, but they usually have people come by offering activities. Often seizure activity in the brain is more common at night, and they may even sleep deprive you. For some people the seizure activity is so deep, that it may not show up on EEG until the seizure generalizes. Partial seizures are too deep to read.

I wish you luck with the EEG. Oh, and they probably have a shampoo cap that can be used to start cleaning the glue out of your hair. A lot of people also swear by coconut oil. The extended EEG glue is different than what they use for the in office one.

If you have questions about the process, feel free to ask here or through email, at sharon.bensfriends.org


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Thank you Sharon but I’ve been told I will be doing 5 days at home which isn’t so bad… I’m praying everything goes well and will take your advice on the coconut oil… God bless!