Dural Fistula

Hi I have a complex Dural Fistula Type 3. Soon to go for my second angio - Has anyone else here had a successful treatment for this



Hello Vin
Welcome! I have one as well its on my left side behind my ear. I went to Stanford and had an angio and Embolism 30 connections on the artery side and one vein connection.
They used medical glue and onxy to create dams this was all done in one day which I dont recommend I was in surgery for almost 8 hours. This was all done in 2012 and I can hear the whooshing again mine likes to take the blood and make it go retro grade
Who are you seeing for your DAVF?
Can you go to Stanford or UCSF they both have doctors that specialize in AVMS and DAVFs

Oh I just saw you are in London. I would ask lots of questions if you are using the public health care there dont be a test subject you want someone who has experience as Dr Marks told me who is the founder and head of neuro radiology at Stanford its an art form they decide once they are in you artery either med glue onyx or medal coils. The glue can travel and I did hear some popping noises the first two weeks
Where in your head is yours?

Thanks for the comment Angela - yup I am in London for the surgery - I tried two country hospitals - the last one did some gluing but I had multiple seizures afterwards so I've moved to a London hospital where they are more experienced - I was about 8 hours in the gluing op - too heavy for those waiting

Mine is in the frontal lobe of the brain - When did you have yours done - how are you feeling now ?