Dural AV Fistula

H All,

I just had angio. on Wed. which confirmed that I have a large dural av fistula involving the occipital artery. I am told the artery is very large. I have intense pulsation of the artery at the back of my head and very loud pulsatile tinnitus. I will meet with the docs on the 12th for treatment options. I am wondering if anyone else has experience with this type of dural fistula and, if so, what treatment options were proposed.



Have (had) the sae thing exactly! Any questions, please let me know. Had four embos and gone! xoxox Mare

Mare, why did you need four embos? What was each embo. like? How long did each one take?


Well that answers my question in my message! I guess I am at the same point in the process as you and I have no more experience than you at this point. Everything will be okay!