Dura Arterio Venous Fistula

I thought I had an AVM, but it looks like it's a "dura arterio venous fistula." Not sure what the difference is. The doctors have been treating it like an AVM though with three embolizations so far. Now I am waiting for the gamma knife procedure to be approved by the VA.

In the meantime I continue having almost daily headaches along with a loud ringing in my ears. At times I get a sound like the mating call of a cicada in my head as well. I sure hope the cicada sound doesn't start 24/7. Don't think I could handle that.

I have a dural fistual AVM…more rare than an AVM…syptoms are exact to mine… mine is 24/7…stinks but in my case mine in not treatable too big spread to both sides of head…biggest one Cornell in NY has seen but I am always hopeful…waiting to hear from dr. in Philly… Mare

Thanks for the reply Mare. I sure feel for you having an inoperable AV Fistula.
I don’t know if I could handle that or not. I put up with the noise and headaches for nearly three years before I found out what was wrong with me. After the first embolization I was noise and headache free for about a year. Then they all started again. I guess having something rarer than the AVM put’s us in select company!!!

that’s what i have. the best i can figure out is with the avm there is bundle of arteries, veins and capalaries . (sp) connecting . veins connected to capilaries, carpilaries to artery. davf is veins connected directly to the artery. the problem with this is the pressure in the artery is stronger then the vein possibly causing an anruism (sp) sorry for spelling. i hope this helps. i have two of them on either side of my head …the veins involved are the two major draining veins. what fun.