I have yet again been surprised and am still a bit dazed and so very amused.
Walked out on to the deck with a cup of coffee in hand. A few sreps forward I realized I was looking into the eyes of a duck as she sat purched in the tree.
I close my eyes, shake my head as I reopen eyes…yes, still a duck. I look to the right and sitting on the second story roof is another duck…being blind to left I was almost afraid to look left but I did. Yes, another duck sitting on the rail of the second story deck…Soooooo…me and the ducks be mates now. I sat and drank my coffee, I offered some to them. As best I could understand, they declined my offer…I have had a ducky day.
No I did not make this up to amuse you (you can’t make-up this stuff) but I am sharring this with you to ensure that the next time you hear the words “just ducky” you laugh so hard your sides hurt…I did.

Hudson would have gone crazy! He is a total lab when it comes to ducks. We think he must dream about them at night and chase them in his sleep. He chases them in person any chance he has!!! So don’t let him out on your deck or he will chase away your new friends!!! :slight_smile:

Our Ducks fly south for winter…so I was so happy when I went outside this morning and saw them in the sky comming home…Winter is now over. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY

I know exactly where your Ducks go. Here to AZ. They have all sized up and have left here for it was 90 today in sunny AZ.

Good story. I will laugh. Ducks are leaving here, for we’re too cold up north. Lakes are freezing & we should have snow. Bless you.