Dry eye

my left eye has been closed for 12yrs. due to dry eye
but now is causing me pain I use eye drops, anymore advise?

Amy, it sounds painful. Have you seen a doctor about it?

yes and he kinda blew me off said it was just dry, but I don't know if I agree.
Years ago I was told that the eye had holes & blood vessels on it. The eye is mostly closed and I'm finding it painful yet my face is paralyzed, so I'm just not sure of my next move. Amy

I did some reading about it last night, and apart fro prescription drops or gels, I didn’t see anything else. It may be time for a new doc, if he’s not listening to you. Take care.

Thanks for taking the time. Amy

So due to paralysis I have dry eye because it doesn’t close as good. Non prescription drop go from plain drops, lubricating drops, gel, sleep ointment. In that order. For me, gel usually keeps eye pretty good. The ointment comes in a little super glue tube and does the trick to heal bad red eye. I use it during the day. It will blur vision, but that’s not really an issue for me.
I’m having surgery next week to put a gold weight in my eyelid to help it close. Should correct my issues. Hope this was helpful.

After rereading, I’d definitely try the paste/ointment. You’ll prolly have to reaply once per day but will be very comfortable. Cheers

You’re a great example of what makes this community great, Jeremy. One person sharing their experiences with another in an effort to help. Thanks!

I believe in the natural remedies, esp. for eye. I use SIMILISAN - Swiss homeopathic eye drops (all work well) and sometimes, when going to bed as it blurs vision, I just put coconut oil on my eyelids. But my eye is open- didn't close at all in the beginning, now- after 14 years!-it almost closes!

I would say, try a new doctor. Can you no longer see out of it?

Hi Amy I have to totally agree with Tim, I guess you can get pain eye drops that go right on the eye ? (Like they use for laser surgery etc ...) Sorry I'm thinking out loud, But having pains in or on you eye can be from your head also. I always find my headaches usually start behind my eye and that's the key for me to know that its going to be a long day :( . There are always many more doctors out there that will see you and I'm not sure but maybe an optician can have a better look at your eye and suggest something for the doctor ?