Drum Roll Please


My attempt to be super stylish at my next embo this week. No more grody hospital gowns that wash me out and make me look like a pale, sick person! This one is my first go at making my own, way cuter, hospital gowns!!! Stacey, I told you I was gonna do it! Still working on my cap, but will probably finish it late Tuesday night before we leave…cause I’m a procrastinator!!! :slight_smile:

very pretty Shalon. You’re so crafty. I love the hem, it adds such a nice touch to the gown (or should I call it dress?)


gorgeous! the gown and the model!

Thanks ladies!!!

Mindy- I also added some turqouise ribbon t the sleeves as well, but hard to tell in the picture. And the bottom hem actually has little tiny brown dots on it to! And not quite a dress…still a little drafty in the back! ha!

Pauline- I DO have some super cute teal open toes that would work well…but I’m thinking that wearing those while in my hospital bed “might” be a little over the top! :slight_smile:

Christine- you’re too kind! I’ll have to add these “modeling” pics to my portfolio. Along with my “just after embo pics!” Agencies beware… :slight_smile:

You are super cute in that gown! I can’t believe you made that!

Thanks Brit! Maybe I should make you one for when baby comes!!!

Shalon that would be so lovely! But wouldn’t want you to if it was too much trouble.

I’ll know what I’m doing by then! This one was DEF a PITA at times! But only cause I was twekaing the pattern and making it work for me. I don’t think any others will be quite so big of a deal.
When is baby coming? How much time do I have to get “good” at this?!?!?!?

haha…the baby will hopefully NOT be here early…but the due date isn’t til August 30th. There are some concerns of premature delivery so I’m crossing my fingers and just hoping it wont be too early. But honestly…dont make one unless it is easy for you to do. and let me know how much i owe you. :slight_smile: We find out either March 13 (which is kind of early) and if not then hopefully April 2nd as long as the baby cooperates. lol. They say they can be stinkers starting at a very young age. And I believe it! But can NOT wait to be a mommy. :slight_smile:

You clever wee thing well well you look great! your 1 very classy lady! where the new shoes madam?

Very Pretty! The nurses will be impressed! Great sewing!

WOW…you are AMAZING!

Ladies and Gentlemen “America’s New Top Model”. Love the gown!! Quite the fashion statement. You’re very talented, maybe you’ve just started a new fashion line. I would think about it.

Thanks ladies!!! I hope my gown will be as much of a hit at the hospital as it is here! Gla you all like my "modeling skills!"
And I am thinking about potentially making and selling them. I mean really, I guess there could be “niche” market for this. Specially for all the prego ladies! I am not sure that real “surgeries” would allow patients to wear their own gowns though…sterile stuff and all of that. But it’s something to think about!

lol Emelda your bonkers - wear the shoes anyway! x

you really are fantabulous Shalon, the gown is wonderful and so much nicer than the open back butt showing ones…can I place my order for my next hospital stay (hopefully not for 10 or 80 years!)

I love it Shalon! SOO much better than the ones they have for you guys!! I know the nurses will just love it too. You might start a trend. Arie’s choices are too small or Gigantic! Ha!

Amanda…I just might!!! At least it would make the nurses laugh!
Lianne- sure, put the order in. In 10 years I’ll finally be good at making them! ha!
Jody- I’m going to have to dance around the nurse’s station so that they can all tell me how cute I am! And ya, I guess Arie is in the “in between” stage. Looks like Auntie Shalon has a present to make!!! :slight_smile:
Stac- Thanks! Now we just need to come up with a name for my new business!!! (and maybe take some real sewing classes!)

You are so talented, Shalon! Great job…looks like you have a new career on the horizon! lol