Drop foot (I believe), and hand problem

I am 23 years old. It has been 2 years after my brain AVM was discovered (I was lying down for almost 24 hours). Now my hand and feet still can't move. Now... what can I do?

Before I had this horrible disease I played guitar, and often played volleyball (not so often, but I played volleyball in my high school). I was planning to learn to play piano. Now, should I give up? No worries, I am ready to give up.

Thank you!

Hi Jon! I know the feeling, as well as many others in the survivor community. Don't give up! I am the same age and in July will reach my third year since my rupture. Recovery takes time but you also have to put in the work. What helps my drop foot is the Bioness L300 device. Since you're young, there's still so much to look forward to :)

Thank you!

What's the difference between AFO and Bioness L300? Can it HEAL the drop foot? Thank you :)

I was just at my neuro at Stanford where they are doing clinical trials for stroke patients who have paralysis and weakness with stem cells and its helping.
I asked to me part of it but since I dont have paralysis I am a not a candidate but what I hope in a year or two this will be common treatment and we will be able to get treatment.


Angela, are they still doing this study or clinical trial? Please pm me, im very interested.

Hi John,
From my understanding since I've had both AFO and bioness l300, The Bioness L300 provides Functional Electrical Stimulation to your foot in order to get the muscles stimulated and working again. The AFO does not provide any electrical stimulation. My drop has gotten better since I've been using it and I plan on using it until I have no more drop food. Repitition and consistency are key :)

Yes I believe so- I will PM you