Driving Again!

I am 7 mos post Right Amygdalohippocampectomy and have been Seizure free! I'm still on meds and will be for a while but there's finally sighting of safe harbor from what has been this endless electrical storm of seizures. 7 mos without a seizure. In recent memory the longest span I had was 4 mos.Before the surgery I reached the point where I was having them every 10 days or so and when I was having invasive on brain and depth electrode monitoring, within 5 days 70+ seizures were recorded.
Driving law in Wa. state is seizure-free for 6 mos. I drove for the 1st time yesterday in 5 yrs.. It felt weird and I was a tad nervous but I was o.k., I felt a sense of freedom.

That’s fantastic, Jaime! It must’ve been a great feeling after so long. The amygdalohippocampectomy sounds like a success! No impact on your memory or visual perception?

That's great news! It is strange getting back behind the wheel after not driving for so long isn't it? I've taken my son’s car out several times now but have only gotten brave enough to travel actual roads a few times, mostly it's just been backing in and out of driveways, navigating parking lots and stuff.

Hi Tim! Thank you very much, it's a great feeling indeed. Now that the The initial hemorrhages damaged my Right Temporal lobe irreparably - in regards to memory but turns out my left temporal lobe had already learned to compensate. The on-going seizures were wrecking my brain functions, once they stopped my previous cognitive faculties seem to be returning. I am back in school, hopefully on my way to continue on towards my PA studies.

Hi Rhonda! Thank you! I drove for only about an hour. slower going but still in a city. Not ready for the Interstate or major highway yet. It's all about small steps yes? Just
keep taking those steps and you'll be firther down the road than you'll realize.