Driving after avm

How long did it take you to start driving after a avm removal? My husband now walks on a cane and had not movement in left arm . I feel cognitive he’s ready but we’re taking driving course the beginning of March. I would really love to hear your stories

I was very very very lucky to be where I am

A little over 7 months ago I had a hemorrhage caused by my dAVF, my neurosurgical team completed an embolization - they achieved full obliteration on the first procedure

Within a week back from my icu stay, I crawled into my Cadillac and made it around the block a few times - it didn’t feel safe

My wife drove 90% of the time for about least two months of me being released - I could drive & did a few times on my own < when I had to

And, my right leg is still a bit numb - it def doesn’t help much while driving

Give it time - nothing but best of luck to u both

I drove after a year of rehab in 2000. Then when I had another bleed in 2010 that was another year no driving. Then in 2019 when my visual field became limited I surrendered my license and got a state of at the DMV.

Thank you , we’re coming up on 5 months since his avm removal but just replaced bonefish last week. These test arnt cheap at all so I want him to be prepared and confident. He says his vision is great which I think it is but his therapist say mentally he’s not ready . It’s a super long story on that side bc he doesn’t like his therapist and they arnt that respectful toward him so him having a attitude they take as he can’t do something or he’s not ready. I’m so stressed out and right now

Well I had my AVM Rupture when I was 10 so I had plenty of time to get ready and practice driving after my surgeries. My biggest trick when driving is I have bad right peripheral vision because of my bleed. The only time I don’t feel comfortable driving is when in the city. 8 lanes of traffic with my bad peripheral is uncomfortable so only drive in the city with friends or family. There my coPilot.

Give it more time

Mental issues I suppose are what we all deal with for quite a while - I know I am. . . At least the physical part of me “seems” to be holding together fairly well so far - although, I also couldn’t drive for about a week, a few weeks back - wife had to drive me to ER. I just felt too out of it - again, luckily the MRI didn’t show anything negative. . . But, I just didn’t feel like myself & didn’t feel safe driving for a little over a week

I was allowed to drive quite quickly after my embolization – about 3 months post op. I was very well and didn’t need any PT. However, my little addition to your conversation is the stamina required to drive: certainly for any long distance: that took quite some time to come back.

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I was driving 77 mph, when my avm ruptured. I was able to pull my car to the shoulder. Was found by Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Six days after the rupture and taking magnesium to rid nygastmus and migraine, got my car outta impound, and drove to the neurosurgeon office. I’m a lucky woman. And the DPS, read my story and medical records and I have retained my driver’s license.

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Hello! Glad to hear your husband is recovering and using the cane for support. I walked around with a cane for safety after as well in fear of falling/ getting better balance because of my vision. Although he has no feeling in his arm, is he comfortable driving with one arm?

It took me about 8 months to go back to work with older children and drive there. Before that, I practice driving with husband to get comfortable again. I asked him not to comment on how I was driving and just be there as support haha. It was very stressful!

Because I had the AVM discovered after a car accident, there was a lot of PTSD involved. My first day of arriving back to work I was late and drenched in sweat. After that, I was consistently late lol from driving slow. I had a hard time passing cars on the freeway so I drove mostly in the slow lane. My brain/body were exhausted (getting to work and coming home everyday). It really all depends on comfort level and trust in the recovery/ your husband’s will. I told myself I had to be strong and I could do it. Every drive was a victory. I didn’t fear driving after a while and drive for 2 years with no problem until I suffered a seizure later, but that’s a different story. Wishing you the best and take time to practice like you guys have been. :slight_smile:


I drove about 6 months after surgery and prior to that i would drive up and down my street so I could feel normal in my mind and not be so anxious about getting behind the wheel again… I noted you mentioned he doesnt get along with his therapist? Why would you see a therapist that you dont get along with? I dont think that is healthy or doing him any favours moving forward… God bless!

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At 1 month post surgery doc said I could drive but only I would know when I was ready. About 2 weeks later I started driving with my son as co-pilot. About 2 months post-surgery I was on my own!

After my rupture 6+ years ago, I was not allowed to drive for 6 months due to my slow reaction time. After 6 months, I was driving slower than before. I was afraid to take my hand off the wheel to change the radio station. I eased into highway driving by driving in the slow lane only. I’m still not a fan of highway driving because everything seems to be going at warp speed. Slow and easy is what works for me. Good luck!