Drinking coffee with an active/untreated AVM

Hi all!
First I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone as I am new and just found out that I have an AVM in my right parietal lobe area. I am meeting with the doctor in a month to discuss treatment options if any but as of now my AVM is active and untreated.

I did have a question regarding coffee and an active AVM. I was able to find posts about people who have had their obliterated drinking coffee however I wanted to know if one cup of coffee a day is okay for someone with an active AVM. I hardly ever havem ore than one cup a day and that one cup has never seemed to bother me.

As of now I am asymptomatic and it was found incidentally (I had an aneurysym that bled that was close to the AVM but was not directly related to it).

Hi Lindsay and welcome to our group. My AVM was also in my right parietal (and occipital) lobe. The best thing to do is to check with your doctor. I drank one cup of coffee every day right up to the day my AVM bled. I never knew I had the AVM before it bled. I don't think coffee contributed to the bleed but please do ask your doctor is caffeine is okay.

I have it down on my list of questions to ask him at my next appointment.

Until then I am going to refrain from drinking the caffinated stuff and will go and pick up some organic decaf (i love my coffee)!!

I continued to drink coffee after my AVM bled and until I had it removed. Having said that, I'd still check with your doc.

Lindsay, I agree with Trisha that you should ask your Doctor before drinking any more cups of coffee. Its better to be safe. I do know that coffee raises your blood pressure. I love my coffee, too.

Hi, Lindsay...welcome to the group! I have a right parietal AVM as well. I usually have one cup of coffee every morning. Nobody has ever told me that caffeine is a problem (I don't have any blood pressure issues), but you should definitely add this to your list of questions for your doctor.


1st of all,..I also have an untreated AVM, which bled in 2008, I LOVE coffee and usually have two cups per day. I, nor my neurosurgeon nor treating physician have not noticed any AVM related problems with my ingestion of coffee, nor any significant increases in my blood pressure. I am on B.P. medication however for over active kidneys (protein in urine sample, which have been negative over last two physicians visits)

I will also state openly you should always ask your neurosurgeon and treating physician with any questions you may have about your lifestyle and coffee intake, as so eloquently stated by the other members that have posted to your discusssion, Trish, Paul A, Wendy T, and Connie T.

BTW,...you are more than welcome to check out my group, "Ruptured AVM, (Brain Bleed) Un-Treated" as we would love to have your input and comments.

Your friend,...


Also right parietal (unruptured/just had 3rd Gamma Knife treatment) AND two clipped aneurysms.

I haven't been told not to have my morning coffee. My family doctor, however, did fuss at me last year (no AVM/annie diagnosis yet) about how much Excedrin Migraine I was taking. He said the caffeine/aspirin combo was going to eat a hole in my stomach.