It’s been a year and 5 mo. since my surgery and just recently I have started dreaming again, very vivid dreams. I also feel very rested and have been walking daily. Does anyone think this is a positive thing? It seems to me that it is but was wondering what you all think…
Thanx Heidi

Morning Heidi,

Since you’re walking daily & probably feeling better for it :), I would assume the dreams are a good ‘sign’ that your brain may be healing more??? Hopefully your vivid dreams are pleasant!
Your topic instantly made me think of this song, “These Dreams.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41P8UxneDJE


Hi Patti, Thanx I think it’s a good thing but u never know, they haven’t been all that pleasant but I feel better so I am assuming it’s still good. I am so sorry to hear about your mom and will keep her and you in my thoughts and prayers as this is such a hard time I am sure. I hope she not in much pain. Hang in there and email me anytime, I will send msg to the lady that is going to be going to see Dr. Lawton at UCSF, I think I msg’d her before but she didn’t respond. Maybe u could send her my way also, I will give her my personal email address. Take care, Heidi

It sounds like a positive thing. I read somewhere that the recovery time is a year, so it sounds like you are right in that time-frame. Keep dreaming!!

If these are things you were not doing before then it sounds like a possitive thing…good luck on doing more and more!!!

Thanx guys! One baby step at a time, it seems positive for sure! GOD BLESS you all!\