I have been having the same dream ever since the night of the day I woke up in the hospital. In the dream I’m home and there is fog all thru the house. No color, walls look old and rotten, all the people ive ever meet is either sitting up against the walls or lying on the floor. Their skin is gray, their teeth is gray and look rotten, and their eyes look like the black hole’s you see on discovery channel. There’s no life left in anyone, their all dead. Then everything goes black and nothing, I wake up the next day and feel fine. The dream itself doesnt bother me in any way shape or form. What bother’s me is in my dream I feel at home, like that is where I belong, like I dont belong among the living anymore. But again when i wake up those feelings go away and I’m fine. Docs think its a very odd and strange dream but most likely related to PTSD.