Dreams... changing

Hello there,

how it's for you? In my case, I have the paralysis since last october 2012. Before that I was very active with cross country running, dogsport, and so on. The good thing: In my dreams I had no Paralysis. I run in my dreams, was out with dog like in old times. Till last week. Its curious, now even in my dreams the Paralysis became a part of me. You have same experiences?

You know Michael as long as my battle has been to regain my full old mobilty self, I found I would dream I was running. I haven't run anywhere in 33 months and may never. I just do not have dreams where I have any paralysis. I am thinking your mind may be accepting your situation, but, do not give up. If you can feel the lowest part of your spinal cord and that is the most delicate way I can put it. Then you are suppose to have the capability to walk. Let me know your answer to that one last question and we can go from there. I did not feel mine for months after surgery and I had complete left side paralysis which went baway in the leg and gradually going away in the left arm.

Hi Michael,

I have dreams of having a seizure and going unconscious from it (a gran mal). I often wonder if it was actually a dream or if I had a seizure in my sleep. Since I live alone - I'll never know. That might be a good thing.. :)

Dreams often coincide with what's going on in our present life, what's on our mind and in our thoughts. Your dream could mean that you are in acceptance of the paralysis. Or.. that your situation was bothering you that day. They only time I get concerned about a dream is when it repeats itself. Unless it's a good one - then I don't mind.. LOL


Hi Michael,

I lost a fair amount of my left visual field from pre-op embolisation. Post-op, my dreams and visual recall were with full vision. Months later - My dreams now reflect my reality - limited vision. I am a believer in the mind's ability to help heal the body and Morris Goodman has been a large inspiration for that. If you have a chance, look up his story of paralysis and - even better - watch "The Secret" which features his remarkable story.

I hope this helps!

Thank you all for your ideas and experiences. It seems, reality hunting my dreams. But no chance. Perhaps I can control my dreams one day. Thx fgorrie for the tipp, many friends told me bout this book but never tried/read it. Perhaps its now the time.