Dream to Live. Live to Inspire. Please watch this video! Please help support making Dreams come true!

Please watch this video of Dream to Live.Live to Inspire!!!
My very close Friend Matthew is making a documentary and to be honest the best word to describe the video is that it is so very inspiring, it made me cry. Take a moment out of your time and watch the video...here is a little info about it.

My Kickstarter Goal:

Hello Everyone! My name is Matthew. Let me first thank you for stopping by today to consider helping me with this project. I launched this Kickstarter campaign to help fund a documentary project that I am very passionate about.

My goal is to create an inspirational documentary that will motivate YOU and others like you to live their dreams. Please view my video above and read my story below. In turn for your generous donation (Kickstarter is all about funding cool projects like this) you will receive one of the awesome rewards which you can see on the right side of this page