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Drawing of how I feel, Can anyone relate?



It’s a remarkable drawing. I’m sure Picasso had migraines, you know. You’re in amazing company.

Lots of love,



O yeah, not only feel like that, I look like that, you definitely have an artistic talent, can’t wait to see more : )


That would explain a couple things! Ha! Thanks Richard


Thanks! I’d love to see more people share some art too


image Your art kind of fits with one of my old picture if you look closely I was paralyzed on my right side for a while. My right eye shut and wasn’t able to open it. My smile was also a half smile. Your drawing it’s about the same if you compare the art and the picture.


You know the feeling exactly! The weird thing for me is that The left side of my face always feels like this especially in the morning and I’m always shocked to look in the mirror and see that my face looks normal.


Yea everything looks normal for me now I’m in great shape but my sensitivity on my right is less than my left. The strangest thing is some times when I wake up in the morning the left side of my skull feels asleep from where my surgeries were. It’s just like when your foot falls a sleep except this is my head. It’s funny but freaky.


It’s such a strange sensation. I’ve tried to tell doctors about how my left feels like a phantom and completely separate from my right. Sometimes it’s weak, aches, burns or feels completely numb.Before the AVM was found my Albuquerque Neurologist told me straight up that all he could do was give me seizure meds for Epilepsy and otherwise he couldn’t help me. He also didn’t want to look at my MRI, he said everything he needed to know was written in the report. Finally I made it to my Neurologist in Tijuana who actually spends significant time looking at the MRI and he’s the one who found it.