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Dr. Wohlgemuth (Regensburg, Germany)


Greetings to all.
Tell who has the experience in treating or reviewed by Dr. Wohlgemuth?


Sorry no experience. I was at Prof. Dr. Ansgar Berlis in Augsburg (Bavaria too).


Hello. What specialization has this doctor?


Hello Max,

he is neuroradiology.


He and the Dr. of the neurosurgery helped me. Many angiograms/embolisations and 2 big surgeries open spinal (laminectomy):


Here the team of the neurosurgeons:


So its a puzzle of neuroradiology AND neurosurgeons.

Best wishes for you !


Thank you. I also will keep this information.



we yesterday just got the recommendation of Dr. Wohlgemuth in Regensburg. Our Doctor here in Atlanta did let us know about him, after we told him we want to move back to Germany. Both are interventional radiologists and are specialized on AVM.
Dr. Wohlgemuth came from Augsburg to Regensburg maybe he did work together with Dr. Berlis...