Dr.Waner/more surgery bla bla

Hi everyone…

So I just saw Dr. Waner today and he said that he is confident that he can get rid of my AVM in two surgeries…I am hoping he can because I just scheduled my first surgery with him on October 12…I am taking everything I went through with Boston with a grain of salt and am going to trust Dr.Waner that he can help get rid of this STUPIDDDDDDDDDDDDDdd AVM once and for all…sheesh

Anyways…thanks for listening…I know I haven’t been on more to update lately…I’ve been trying to take a break from this AVM before it breaks me…bla


Hey Christine!

I think that is great news. Wow, that’s a pretty quick turn around to get in for surgery. And yes, do the salt thing and trust Waner. It’s the best thing you can do at the moment and should help you mentally prepare for October. I really hope that this works for you and that you can claim and stay AVM free!!! Do you have an overall time frame for when the surgeries will be done? Will you need follow up plastics after or no? What about the feeling in your lip, did you ask if there is anything that may help get that back or is it just gone? Or actually, this will be for the cheek/neck area right?

Be sure to try to hook up with Keith!!! I know he is up close to Waner, so if you have time you should see about getting a coffee or something. And then you can pass along a hug from me! :slight_smile:

Again, great news and I am totally keeping my fingers crossed that his confidence turns into results!!!


Thanks Shalon! No plastic surgery follow ups were discussed yesterday. Dr Waner just said he can nab it all in two surgeries so I said okii and scheduled the first one…the hardest part now is playing the waiting game!

I never got the feeling back in my lip…Dr.Waner said there are things I can do to get it back but I’m not so worried about that now…I’m gonna see what the next surgeries do to my nerves first and go from there…

Keith and me are trying to figure out a day to get together! It’s nice that we’re so close! I will definitely tell him that you say hello when I see him!

Thanks so much Shalon!