Dr Tim Harrington - AVM Hand

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I have got an appointment booked with Dr Tim Harrington, an interventional radiologist at SEVS in North Shore, Sydney in about a week's time. Dr Harrington deals with extremity AVMs as part of his surgery so I am supremely hopeful that this might be the end of my AVM woes. Does anyone have any experience with Dr Harrington? Also, given that Dr Harrington just deals with schlerotherapy, do you think that I might be able to wipe out the bastard for good? Or is it just going to reduce the size? When mine emerged three years ago, I had to give up boxing and it's something I'd love to get back to. Hope you are all well :)

Hi Krabo, sorry I don’t have any experience with Dr Harrington. I’ve had surgery and embolisation for my facial avm with doctors in the U.S. Surgery removed the bulk of it and I’ve had 2 embolisation with alcohol after that to treat the residue with great outcomes. I had to give up dancing for a while but am back into it,sothere’s hope :slight_smile: Do you know what embolisation agent this doctor will use? I chose alcohol because it’s most effective at eradicating the avm than other agents but risks are also greater and you should only get it done by someone experienced with avm and using alcohol. Embilisation alone depending on your avm,may require severel procedures. Hope this helps, all the best!

Hello, so I had multiple avm in my hand and they did 3 sclerotherapy and emobilizations and was upset to see after a MRI they didn’t change in size at all so I hope you have better luck. The next option they told me was to inject belomycin a chemo drug into my hand

@Shannonmarie I’ve had 2 bleomycin sclerotherapies. I was due a third injection in April 2020 but then Covid happened so everything stopped & my treatments got postponed.