Dr. Spetzler from Barrow and Dr. Lanzino from Mayo

After 2 local neurosurgeons telling they couldnt help me, I got in contact with both the barrow and mayo clinics. I am traveling to the mayo clinic on March 6 to meet with Dr. Lanzino. Dr. Spetzler has already seen my scan and said he can do the surgery, but the location is so risky that in fact, the risk i carry for the surgery are the same that I carry everyday by not doing anything. Only difference is that with surgery, chance of death are lower because there is no telling how much it will bleed next time and treatment could be too late . Anybody has any opinions on neither of these 2 Surgeons? Also , anybody has gone to Hopkins in Maryland?

Sorry.. I can't help you on this one. I'm not familiar with any of those drs. John Hopkins has a good reputation. I had mine treated at Pittsburgh Presbyterian by Dr. Lunsford with gamma knife. I don't know if her retired yet or not.


I would say you are sure on the right track with any of those doctors. I, too, am searching for a loved one...I KNOW we have to find the right doctor. I bet, if the truth were known that a lot of people were left impaired due to incorrect surgery.

I met with Dr.Lanzino last April at Mayo. He seemed very knowledgeable and patient. He explained that I did have choices as to how I wanted to treat my AVM. I could have surgery, which is his specialty, or Gamma Knife. Surgery scared me and seemed like a last resort, so I went with the Gamma Knife with Dr.Pollick who specializes in AVM's. I wondered if I made the right choice when they were putting the halo on...it hurt like hell...lol. The recovery time was short though, I was back to work in 3 days. Had the procedure done on Friday and was back to work on Monday.
My reason for choosing Gamma Knife was as I said, fear and just a first step. If the AVM doesn't close down in 3 years I can do it all again or have it removed surgically. Besides, I've heard there are less side effects with Gamma, but don't take that as there aren't any. One other thing, be sure to take someone with you to Mayo. Things move pretty fast and Dr.Lanzino is a little hard to understand, at least he was for me. I wish you the best and hope they can do something for your AVM.

My husbands neuroogist wanted to send us to see Dr. Lanzino in Aug. That was put on hold by the insurance company until the head of neuro at Cleveland Clinic seen my husband. After surgery and the removal of 2 AVM's at the T-5 level my husband ws still progressing. The head of the department sent us to John's Hopkins in November and that doctor found another AVM and did an embolization the next day. My husband spet the night in the intensive care unit. We left for home in Ohio the next day. M husband has been able to regain some sensory loss and is walking with a walking stick ow instead of a walker. I will get you the name of the doctor at John's Hopins if you are interested. He was wonderful, compassionate, and has called several times since our return home. He keeps in close contact with my husbands doctor's here at Cleveland Clinic and has continued to advise on things to watch. He also has said if there is anything that comes up in the follow-up MRI's he will take care of it. I can't say enough how wonderful the care my husband got at John's Hopkins. They even let me stay sleep in the ICU with him.

Spetzler is awesome, he was my surgeon and I am walking and driving my own car. He said my surgery was risky and they could do Gamma Knife if they couldn't resect it. Well he resected it all and he is fabulous