Dr. Spetzler from Barrow and Dr. Lanzino from Mayo, anyone?

After 2 local neurosurgeons telling they couldnt help me, I got in contact with both the barrow and mayo clinics. I am traveling to the mayo clinic on March 6 to meet with Dr. Lanzino. Dr. Spetzler has already seen my scan and said he can do the surgery, but the location is so risky that in fact, the risk i carry for the surgery are the same that I carry everyday by not doing anything. Only difference is that with surgery, chance of death are higher because there is no telling how much it will bleed next time. Anybody has any opinions on neither of these 2 Surgeons?

Spetzler is very highly regarded and has many patients here. Mayo Clinic has a very good reputation as well. You can use the search box to connect with patients who have used these doctors.

Hi Dandelionwishes,
I am new here, I wish you all the best ...

I echo dancermom - Dr. Spetzler is among the TOP specialists!
Am not familiar w/ the other name mentioned, but hopefully you can connect with fellow pts. :)

I would go to the search box located own the far upper top right hand corner and type in the names of the doctors. They are very big in the AVM world!

i meant that doing nothing has higher death chance than surgery, not the other way around

My best friend got me in touch with Dr.Spetzler because she is convinced he is the best. She talked with his assistant and he has done the surgery I need 5 times.

Thank you William and welcome to you :) I wish you all the best too :)

I did before askign here, but didnt find any answers. I probably didnt go back far enough. I will go post this same post there , thank you :)

Dr. Lanzino was a very good surgeon, and the one who performed my AVM resection. Whereas my first neurosurgeon was recommending usage of embolizations to make the surgery easier, Dr. Lanzino was able to do it without, and I think that says something about his skill.

That said, if your AVM's location is very risky for surgery, he will probably recommend getting the Gamma Knife treatment. If my AVM's location had been as risky as yours sounds like, I might have chosen Gamma too.

Hope your appointments go well, and that you get your recommendations soon.

Only you can decide what you are willing to risk. I think we all have different thresholds. I am blessed mine has not bled but is causing other minor problems. Some think they are so unlucky to even have an AVM. We are all different just like our AVM's are. Only you can decide what you are willing to go through. I am with you on the point that you can choose on how you proceed. It does give you power over this thing. You will be in charge of when you carry the risk. Its amazing what people achieve after the devastating effects of bleeds, strokes, or surgeries. I wish you the best of luck in finding a surgeon you are confident in.

I was told by all neurosurgeons so far that i was not illegible for gamma knife, but i didnt ask why. I would just take in information before as opposed to now I know more and know what to ask. I am glad your surgery went well :) Where was your avm?

Thank you Ksucat. Right now, i just want to stop thinking about it and move on as if it is not there and just enjoy life :) haha

Me too. I am trying so hard to find a doctor to do work on mine. Since my neurosurgeon never returns calls it is up to me to send my records around the country. I am willing to go through with some danger not to have to worry about it all the time.