Dr Rodney Allan / Dr Nazih Assad - Sydney

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has had experience if either Dr Rodney Allan or Dr Nazih Assad?

I have a Grade 5 cerebral AVM and have been a patient of Prof Morgan for over 10 years. However, as Prof Morgan no longer operates, he advised me that if I was to need treatment, Dr Assad would be completing the treatment. I looked up Dr Assad and noticed that his specialty has been spine surgery as well as AVMs.

My neurologist today recommended Dr Rodney Allan, who seems to also specialize in AVMs and spine surgery.

As I have a cerebral AVM, I would want to ensure that the surgeon specialises in cerebral vascular surgery and AVMs.

Any feedback regarding either surgeons is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advanced

Hi Kerrit
I have seen Prof Morgan and he introduced me to Dr Assaad as I am thinking about surgery. He is very nice and spent time answering all my questions. It is a difficult decision to make and one I haven’t rushed into. I have seen Dr Allan on the TV show RPA I think. I need to see a neurologist as well as I have to take seizure medication, please let me know if you can recommend one. My only suggestion would be to go and see both surgeons to put your mind at ease.

Hi Carol3,

Thank you so much for letting me know about Dr Assad. I may have to meet both…
Good luck with your surgery! I read that Dr Assad has been mentored by Prof Morgan!

I see Prof Con Yiannikas in Burwood (neurologist). Prof Morgan said he’s also a good neurologist and considering Prof Morgan’s expertise in the field I really trust his opinion.