Down n out

I don’t know why, but this week I have been more to myself, less talkative. I had my angio on Wednesday, started Lexapro last night, and not feeling so good today. I meet with the surgeon on May 26th to discuss options, and have been assured that he is the one to go to. I am just blah… I don’t know- I am nowhere as upset as I was a month ago- I am just blah. I have got to get out of this mood. It’s not good for me or my loved ones. Mother’s Day is coming up and I need to do something special for my mom, I have to get motivated. I don’t want to have this pity party now- I think I just miss the old me.

Sarah its all going to be ok.:slight_smile: and I hope moms day is great and you have fun with your mom, please feel better soon…:slight_smile: Caroline

Sarah think we all have swings and roundabouts with our emotions so don’t beat yourself up, stay strong.

Once the Lexapro kicks in, it will get better, Sarah. But even without an AVM, it’s perfectly normal to get the “blahs” once in a while!