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Double vision


Has anyone had a continuing issue with episodes? I always thought meds but whoever said, “making your AVM angry” during an exercise discussion made me thing it was my exercise on treadill. Which I loved but didn’t know it might have or are having the episodes?
Going to see doc Monday.
Let me know what you think




My AVM was in the right parietal/ occipital area and I find if I get overheated or don’t stay hydrated well enough I get partial simple seizures with aura that affects my vision; some double vision and sometimes some really weird stuff with my vision.


I have had 2 bleeds.
My theory is that after the second things changed?


I never knew therr could be auras before double vision bit pretty sure I am
Thanks for mentioning that


I never had double vision. I had what is called tunnel vision. Best way I can describe it is like going down a tunnel. Your peripheral vision gets really bad in both eyes for just a minute then goes back to normal. I would get it when my body was tired or a little bit before a seizure.


Have you ever vision where it’s like you are seeing like you were on a ferris wheel? I call it rolling vision I don’t know if it’s got a name…


I had double vision and what I can only describe as “clay mation” vision like the old cartoons; everything moved slowly and jerky like clay mation… had it for a day or two… thought I was losing my mind.


You are not losing it!
Did you notice if it as before or after something specifically?


yes; both times that it happened was when I got a little stupid and was sitting outside on a hot summer day having a couple adult beverages and it kicked in the next day which makes me think it has to be either a little too much alcohol or I got dehydrated sitting in the heat drinking the alcohol because if I don’t stay hydrated I get what my neurologist calls auras and a migraine near my occipital area where my AVM ruptured.


I totally get the dehydration issue. I’m lucky I can drink a ton if water!
Heat has never bothered me before, love the ocean. But with all this, a little gun shy.
Anything related to exercise?


And auras are weird.


I don’t get anything directly from exercise I walk on the treadmill, as long as I drink water and not get myself overheated I’m good; I’ve gotten to the point where I can walk 3 miles without any problems as long as it’s not out in the Florida heat.


Tunnel vision, cubist vision, scotomas, flashing lights and anything that looks like a Picasso painting can be auras, such as some people have with a Classic Migraine. However, such things can have other causes, too, I guess.

Double vision can be caused by pressure on one of the nerves that controls the eye muscles.


I do not know what cubist vision or scotomas are?
Rolling vision?


You know what a cubist painting looks like? Just like that.

A scotoma is often a sickle shape in the visual field, often with zig zags in or of exaggerated colour.


There are a lot of cubist- type paintings, not of which image you were referring too.
But I know about the zig zag, focus seizure. I don’t have those kind anymore

Thank goodness!


Search for Pablo Picasso or Georges Braque.

I would put good money on Picasso having classic migraine auras. Perhaps Braque, too.

Examples: The Weeping Woman, La Guernica and Violin & Candlestick.


Ok. That would be scary.
Pressure from …?


Ok, so i am not a doctor but I have read that one (only one) of the reasons for double vision is pressure on the nerve. If the double vision goes away when one eye is covered, it can be due to such pressure.

Increased intracranial pressure can be due to brain swelling, a bleed, the results of a bleed (e.g. reduced drainage of cerebrospinal fluid) and probably other things.

If the double vision doesn’t go away when you cover an eye, it might be caused by something specific to the eye, e.g. a retinal detachment.

I’m sure there are other reasons. These are just the ones I have read about.