Double Vision and Emotions

Hi my name is Shantal i am 23 years old... On September of this year is going to be 4 years that I had my AVM... the side effectrs that I have is double vision in 2010 I had an eye mucle surgery but that didn't work. This year I was in summer school I took speech and I share to my class what had happen to me and one lady told me that her son had the same he saw double like me and she confirmed what I didn't want to hear that it was permanent. I was shoked cause I thought I still had a little of hope that maybe my double vision could go back to it usual. Another thing my emotions its been 4 years that I have not been able to laught or cry.. Can someone please explain to me why? I asked my neurologist like 2 yrs ago and he didn't say anything or explain why my feelings left the vanished. Please someone tell me? Why I can't cry or laugh??? I only get angry

I wouldn’t believe that it is permerment it can get better if you believe …I’ve also got double vision …and nystagmus (movement of eyes) which is striving me mad but the thing that is getting me through is that 1 day I believe it will get better …every1 is different and every1s recovery is different so you can’t believe that I wouldn’t I’ve spoke to a lot of people and some say it has got better some say it hasn’t …no 1 can tell you whats gonna happen its what u believe…

Have hope.. Everyone is different god always has control and can change our situation. its about your faith. u didnt die so there is a reason why u are here. U are a walking testimony! you choose how you want to be and use your life. trust its not easy but you need to have faith and know that u may not SEE the results u want right now but god will give u everything u need. Everyone here has a hard time with this but there has to be a reason. As long as u are moving forward you will be ok.=)

I don't have any answers for you, sorry. But,.. Have you thought about seeing a neuropsychiatrist about you emotions? I saw one once to get an evaluation and she was very knowledgeable and helpful. I would go back to her again if I need to. I saw a psychologist for a couple of months when we (all of the drs and me) realized there was nothing the drs. could do for me. She helped me come to acceptance of this is how things are for me now. We got off to rough start (I'm not the best patient sometimes and I did not want to be there) but, I eventually came around and she was able to help me. Quite a bit I might add (smiles).


Thank you for your words I really appreciate it!!!!! and I hope both of us can get better

Thank you very much... and yes God is really big!!! he gave us another shot to life!!! Thank you so much for your words

I was searching about that, but unfortunately I don't have that much money like to go and see a neuropsychiatrist... they are expensive, and I don't have any type of medical insurance... but i am saving hopefully I can see one soon.... thanks