Double vision after embolization

Hi everyone, my father had an embolization for an AVM in July. He now has double vision. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and does it correct itself eventually? The Neuro opthamologist said she can correct it if it doesn’t get better. Does this sound right? Its got to be so frustrating to see everything double and I’m sure his balance would be better if he saw things normal again. Thanks and have a Happy New Year!

I had it shortly after embolization. It took a little over a month to go away. For me it was the right eye; the side where my avm was on.

Its been 5 months. I hope it goes away :frowning:

I had one in August 2012,but i was 13 at the time. Im sure that has nothing to do with it in this case. I had double vision for a short while after. My eyes are just now starting to calm now from being dilated. Double vision should go away shortly, but it is normal! I promise you it goes away, but he will have glasses if he doesn't now. Glasses are such a minor thing to have compared to what we all have expierenced! I hope this helps, thanks for posting! Happy New Year and I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Blessed to see another year :)

Michelle, My embolization was in the left rear and I did lose the periperal (?) vision in my right eye. I guess it's permanant as it's been 3 years now and no change.
Happy New Year to you and Dad too.


My boyfriend just had his AVM removed after embolization three weeks ago. He can’t speak hardly at all, just single words. But I can tell he struggles to look at me and blinks to try to focus. So I am guessing he is having double vision too. Hope it goes away. Good luck to you.


Hi Michelle,
My husband.John had embolization 5 1/2 years ago for his AVM. He also had double vision & peripheral problems. The doctor gave him glasses with prisms on them. He no longer needs them, but most of the time he wears them because of habit. He also has Short term memory, ED, & constantly repeats.
Things change, but I’m great-full he is with me.
Hope you & your loved ones have a healthy New Year

My son's bleed was in the occipital lobe (vision). He lost peripheral vision to his right side, but slowly got most of it back. After his embolization, it got worse, but soon got better. After the resection surgery, however, his peripheral vision is gone, more than ever, with no improvement. We hope, in time, it improves.

I never had any from an angiogram, but if he’s on anti-seizure medicine, which he would be if his AVM bled, he could get double vision from that…

My AVM was discovered because my ophtalmologist asked for a scanner due to my double vision. However, this AVM is not located in the brain vision area. Double vision was unchanged after embolization but is now corrected by a prism incorporeted in my glasses; no one could find its origin. Prism is really of help. Best wishes.

If your AVM was in either side of the back of your head, the occipital region or visual cortex, you can lose the vision in the opposite side of the AVM; For example, I had an AVM in the right occipital area and ended up blind on the left side of both eyes, If you are still a kid when this happens, you usually do not end up with double vision because your brain has not matured, If you are older, you can definitely end up with double vision because the brain tries to take messages from b0th eyes instead of just one. My vision has never gotten better and that was over 50 years ago. It was not an embolization, but a craniotomy.


I have double vision & vision field deficit since my AVM, there are options available, I’m using botox injections to correct the double vision. This requires injections once every 3/4 months… I wish your father a speedy recovery. All the best B.

Hi michelle b, You are such a caring daughter to be on this website. Yes, I had double vision after my first AVM burst in May of 2011. I had that AVM embolized several times but my understanding is that the double vision was due to my AVM. About a year after my burst, the neuro opthamologist gave me a prescription for prisms in my glasses. Well, the glasses made me dizzy so after 4 months, the opthamologist operated on my right eye for strabismus and then I got a new prescription without prisms. Unfortunately, after almost 2 years, I developed nystagmus so the challenges continued and I have been unable to drive. Oh, I have 2 AVM's in my cerebellum; the 2nd AVM was discovered on 10/31/12 and radiated in July 2013.

I had double vision the moment I awoke from surgery. I asked if there were 2 clocks on the wall. long story short, I did vision "exercises" in the neuro ophthalmologist's office once a week for a few months. this helped tremendously and got me to be able to drive again. however insurance did not pay for it. they did tell me there was surgery to help the double vision, but my neuro op advised against it. I highly recommend the therapy (exercises".

I had blurry vision that lasted two weeks. I hope it goes away soon!

My son was 13 when he had gamma knife surgery for his AVM in his brainstem. He cannot move his eyes up and he has double vision on both peripheries. However, he has gotten used to it and does not use corrective glasses (he's now 17). They said he would probably get used to it because of his young age, the brain would learn to compensate--but they could correct with glasses if it didn't.

Hi Michelle, I too had double vision that lasted almost a year after my surgeries to remove the AVM from my cerebellum. The therapy exercises given in the hospital and while in out-patient were quite helpful.
I hope it corrects itself soon!

Yes, I had double vision. Neuro-ophthalmologist wanted to wait a year to see if it got better and stabilized. It did get better, but not back to normal, so I had eye-muscle surgery about 15 months post rupture.While waiting for vision to stabilize, I had to wear glasses with scotch tape on one side. I was very glad to get the surgery done and it was successful! Still get a little double vision when I’m tired, but sleep takes care of it.

Have you seen a neuro opthamologist? My dad's is saying that she can correct it. It has got to be frustrating seeing double

Thanks, Deb. The first month is the worst. I wish him a speedy recovery.