Dont know what to do

I had a wonderful weekend! I went and saw my boy friend for the first time in five months because he is in the Marines. But now Iam at school and my leg has a red spot on it and the school nurse thinks that it could be a blood clot. so I have to wate for my mom to get back from the dr.s to talk to her hopefully its not another rush to the E.R. I dont want that. I thought everything was going good but I guess this is just a bad time for me. But thank you all for your support! :slight_smile:

Hey Christa,

Well it does sound like you had a great weekend! Wow, 5 months is a long time to wait to see your boyfriend! I’m a sad little thing and don’t even like to be away from my husband for a few days! ha! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the red spot. That sounds pretty scary. Specially considering all of the issues you have dealt with lately for your AVM. Have you had blood clots before? I actually thought (although what do I know???) that it wasn’t very likely to have a clot due to the high flow nature of the AVM vessles. But of course I can’t come up with “where” I heard that, so it’s very possible that I am just making it up!!! :slight_smile:

I hope it turns out to be no big deal but of course I’m sure you will have to make that dreaded trip to the doctors to have it checked out. Let us know how it goes!!!

i hope its nothing to be concerned about! keep us in the know.