Don't Know If You All Can See This!

Hey everybody just want to let you all know I am not ignoring you all, I just can’t see anything posted on my page after 27th March!
I think it’s this old laptop, hope to get mine back from my neice on Friday so I can catch up with you all then :slight_smile:

Hey Amanda! Yep, we can see it. I got your message about your page but everything looks like it is displaying correctly. I think it probably has something to do with the “cookies” on your computer and it showing you an old page. BUT I’m not the super technical one and really don’t know what I am talking about. I’ll have to make sure Ben takes the lead on this one! ha ha ha! We will get you back visible again, promise. Till then, I promise you are not Casper the friendly ghost!


Must be this laptop as I can see this but ‘own page’ still showing date as 27/3 Grrrr!

I am in local library now and can see my page is uptodate so people normal service will be resumed when i get my laptop back on Fri as when i go home the most uptodate entry on my page is 27/3 which is PANTS! ;-x

Hi Amanda! how have you been??? I am glad you are doing well. Hope to catch up with you soon! Take Care! Denise