Well the Doctors exact words were, “We’re at a good stopping point, see you in 6 months for an MRI”. So after this MRI next July it will be follow-up MRI every 6 months to a year after that just to watch.

Congrats Allison! that is great news for you! I’m sure it feels very strange to hear that though too! You have done so well with all of this. You should be proud of yourself. Thinking of you in Ontario!

Allison, that is such great news! How exciting to be done with the constant trip here to Denver. I am so glad Dr. Yakes gave you such a great Christmas present! Congratulations!!
Jody :slight_smile:

Hi Allison,
Congratulations on being DONE!! My son has an AVM in his rt calf. We go to Pennsylania Hosp in Philadelphia. He has had 5 embos with glue. Now the doc wants him to see a radiaion dr. Tell me about your experiences. Any help will be greatly appreciated.