Done with another step

This last Thursday (September 27) I finally had my cerebral angiogram done.

My sister & her husband took me down the day before so we didn't have to get up so early to get there on time. got settled into the hotel (Nebraska House) that is attached to the hospital (UNMC), we had a very nice suite. I live in Grand Island & on the drive to Omaha which is about 2 1/2 hours away I got a charley horse (cramp) in my thigh, I was able to get it worked out with massage, walking & a muscle relaxant & the rest of the trip was fine. When we got to the hotel I was trying to relax on the bed, while it was a nice bed it was just much softer then what I normally sleep on. But I proceeded to to get another charley horse (cramp) this one going from my thigh to my big toe. Had to take 3 muscle relaxants just in order to think straight. This all happened in my right leg & I was really afraid that they wouldn't be able to do the angigram because I knew they planned on using my right leg. After that I got up & walked some which helped & was able to get some sleep that night.

Walked over to the lab for blood work & that at 9am, that didnt take long other then finding a vein that would work. My veins don't like needles & definately don't like giving up blood, lol. At 11 went & checked in, about 12 they came & got us & walked me over to Clarkson hospital to prep me.

Dr. Surdell & his team came in & talked with my family & I. I really like him he has an awesome bedside manner. He is very attentive & willing to listen.

Ever since I found out about this I haven't been very emotional, I have broke down a couple of times but not to much really. There are some people that have thought I should be more emotional about it, but for me crying & asking why me just isn't my style.I had a weird experience while they were prepping me for my surgery though. All of a sudden I started crying. Then my parents, my 2 oldest sisters & my niece that have all passed were there in front of me. They were all smiling & very happy & they told me not to worry everything would be fine, that I would be ok & that it wasn't my time. They disappeared as soon as they appeared. I was very calm after that, even fell asleep a couple times while he was working on me, he had to wake me up to ask me questions. In all of the other surgeries that I have had I have never had this happen before. Now whenever I talk about it I get teary-eyed, but that doesn't last long because the calmness washes back over me.

Dr. Surdell said that my AVM is only about 2cm in size & that radiation is probably the best step. Am hoping that they call this coming week so that it can be sat up. I want all this done and over with.

thank you