Does weakness on one side ever go away after a rupture?

Hey everyone, I hope you all are doing great. These past couple of weeks have been up and down for me. But hey, that's life right? Something like a roller coaster.. Maybe im just being too hard on myself ( We are our own worst critics after all...) I know everyone's different and I don't want to compare but, How long does weakness last? Does it depend on the healing of your brain? Is it something you constantly have to work at? Does it just go away? Will things ever be the way they were pre rupture? Are you able to run again? I have been so down lately and just want to know if there's still hope?

Hello Monica. I didn't have a rupture, but had a large aneurysm clipped and an even larger AVM resected in my right fronto/parietal lobe. My left side weakness was a hindrance for a period of time; my wife has all new dishes thanks to me and my stubbornness. My weakness slowly became less noticeable over time to a point where I only notice it a bit doing something strenuous. My crani was last February in 2015, and I am in a much much better place as of now. Your situation is different, but I wanted to at least give a little positive input. Keep fighting the fight, and don't over think worked for me anyway. Be well.

Every day you will get a little better, a little at a time. If you have the availability of physical therapy, please consider that. I know therapy doesn't sound promising and I didn't believe in it either before my issues with an AVM and an aneurysm, but I'm a believer now. Those kids are amazing. Slow, slow, slow, is how you should approach this. Do not ask your body to do much, too soon. I wish you the best that the Universe has to offer. Do not resist.

You'll be able to run again it takes some time. I wasn't able to run for about 2 months. Have a funny story about after my surgery. Was walking with my brother around town and this big mean dog was barking at us. My brother said don't run just keep walking and ignore it. The dog got closer and kept barking and growling at us. Then my brother said how fast can you run. Of course I couldn't at the time. Luckily it backed of after a ways but funny story.

Hi John O,
Thank you so much for replying! Im glad that you were able to run after 2 months, thats amazing! If you dont mind me asking, how old are you now? I get so frustrated because it's already been 3 years since my rupture :(

Hello Kachafire!
Thank you for replying! I am discharged from physical therapy and just do exercises on my own at the gym. Im realizing that I cannot just force myself to do what I used to do pre rupture. Slow and steady movement and baby steps seems to be more realistic these days.

Hello there, luckyducky!

Im glad to hear that you don't notice it as much as you once used to. Im sure it helps live in the moment and focus on what you can do. Thank you for the positive thought and Hope :)

26 my rupture was way back in 2000. Had just turned 10 when my rupture happend. The years 2000 to 2003 were the crazy days.

Hey John O! So basically everything just takes time? Have things been normal for you even after your rupture?

In some ways thing are normal and some ways not. If its a good day for me every thing seems to stay on path. For example regular day of work starts at 8 or 9 and its the same schedule as always. Then you have the crazy days. Today was one. its where you are told multiple things to do that aren't the same as always. Short term memory is the hardest on me. My boss he understands he new my dad back when all of this started. It's when others I'm working with don't no the history that are confused why I forgot something or when multitasking. Today to much multitasking. But hey at least extra hours mean extra pay.

Ahh! I used to hate my job and how repititive things were.. Now, I would love to go back and be able to work again :( You are blessed mister John O!

Hi, Monica. After my first bleed in 2012, I had lingering weakness for close to six months afterwards. I thought it was never going to leave me. Three years is awhile to have the weakness last but certainly you have found some ways to adapt and overcome. I am sure that everyone is impacted differently. It all went away eventually. My second bleed left me with no weakness whatsoever. Just be patient and try not to be hard on yourself. You will make progress as you should and come out even stronger on the other side.

Hi Jason,

Thank you so much for replying. Its great to hear that you overcame it! You're right. I need to be patient. Hope you're having a great weekend so far.